Bobby's Paradeis Captain Cook

For more than 25 years we have shared our home with Old English Sheepdogs, unfortunately the first one died at only 11 months and this young man followed just a few months later. He was named Capt'n by his breeder and we kept the name as it fitted to him perfectly. A very strong in character and lovable cuddly teddy bear who loved being petted, having his tummy scratched and he told stories in a special way.



Capt'n was intelligent and very obedient although he was also an Alpha dog and although he didn't start any fights he ended quite a few during his life. He loved the car and travelled with us to Majorca every summer,  he loved to take a dip in the Mediterranean at every chance he got, even diving to investigate somthing lying on the seabed, many a time we thought we had lost him because of his wet coat.



Unfortunately we lost Capt'n very young at 6 1/2 due to a jaw infection which our vet was unable to cure even with the best of care. Capt'n will no doubt be enjoying himself with his many friends at the other side of the rainbow bridge. 



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