Dairymaid aus dem Elbe Urstromtal

Multi Champion Dairymaid aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal 

04/03/2004 - 07/08/2019


In May 2004 I drove down to Belgium to collect this wonderful young pup, from the moment she entered our lives she won our hearts. On the journey home she sat on the front passenger seat and upon arriving in Kiel she choose her place on the sofa and that remained her place up until the end.


From the beginning she found a friend in Hamish and followed him around everywhere. Her mentor however was Dash and Misty followed in his footsteps, sorry pawsteps. Dash was a good show dog, however after he recieved a bad xray result HD-D on both hips we stopped showing him as we seen no sense in waisting time and money when he could not be used for breeding. 
We started showing Misty at an early age and she was exceptional in the ring, very obedient and seemed to enjoy the show circus, a very friendly OES, the picture below was taken at a show in Worms and she is looking like a proper SNOB.
Misty was to on to gain multiple champion title including the International, German, Danish, Spanish to name but a few, she was shown all over west europe and we are proud of our 'Elbe Urstromtal' girl. In all she appeared in approx. 65 shows and received an excellent in all but one, she was a multiple BOB and went into retirement in 2010.
In 2018 after Zorro crossed the Rainbow Bridge our girl stopped eating, as she was now 14 I did not want to lose her through missing her companion, I looked about and decided to get a Rough Collie as a companion for her, in June 2018 'Fresenas Fellow in Gold' (Blaze) joined our family in Kiel. Admittedly it was uncertain if Misty would accept a young pup at her ripe old age and low and behold she loved every minute of it. This was to be a companionship to the end and Misty crossed the Rainbow Bridge in August 2019 at the age of 15 years and 5 months. 
Our thanks goes to Conny for trusting us with this wonderful pup which grew into a very fine OES lady.

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