Fairbancks of Snowboot Bears

Multi Champion Fairbancks of Snowboot Bears


23.06.2006 - 04.05.2018

Early in 2008 I was contacted by a friend in America if I would be willing to care for a young OES for a couple of weeks. After I was told the circumstances there was no hesitation and I contacted the family immediately to arrange picking him up.

On the 3 February I travelled down to Belgium to collect the then named 'Gismo' and bring him to Kiel for a few weeks or until necessary. What I was about to experience shocks me to this day, the family had a beautiful young OES dog and kept him in the garden, he was under weight 22,5 kg, although short his coat was matted, he was terrified, and hir teeth were in a terrible state.

February 2008

After going over this young boy I had no other alternative but to tell the family that if he came with me he would stay with me, if not I would contact the breeder and the animal cruelty to get him rescued. Fortunately they released him and I set of home to Kiel in Northern Germany about a 6 hour drive from Belgium.

The young boy was no trouble at all and lay in the back of my car as if he knew he was now safe and would be treated accordingly, after getting home he was washed and dried, was given some food and although late in the evening our vet came to look him over. The following day I took him to the vets surgery where he was properly vacinated, we discussed the best way to build up his weight and how to continue with his general health. 

After a couple of months of TLC I took him down to Belgium to see his Breeder and as you can see below in this short period he had developed well, Chris was taken with him and when I said I was intending showing him I received her support and assistance.


April 2008


The following month I took him to a show in Holland to get the opinion of the late Gwen Mogford, although her time was scarce Gwen went over him and told me not to waste anymor time but to start showing him immediately.

At home chilling out after a show

Brussels Belgium 2009

With the help and support of Chris van Beirendonck-Lembrechs, Zorro we on to become a Multi Champion, Leipzig and Belgium Winner in 2009, he was awarder numerious BOB's and made us very proud to have saved this boy from an unknown future with his previous owners.  

A family picture at the Brussels show.

Mother // Son // Grand daughter

Left - Ywildthing of Snowboot Bears (Best Veteran)

Middle - Fairbancks of Snowboot Bears (BOB and Belgium Winner)

Right - Homepage of Snowboot Bears (Best Young dog)


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