Fresena's Fellow in Gold


After we lost Zorro, Misty stopped eatingregulary it seemed she was missing her companion of many years and being now a 'Very' Old English Sheepdod we were worried we might lose her as well. Things changed as soon as this young man joined us, now she was looking for food every time he ate and took on the task of raising this very demanding puppy with dignity and showing him the hierarchy of the pack.


Fresena's Fellow in Gold is our first rough collie and after a couple of decades of having Old English Sheepdogs at home the peace and quiet we had, is now over. We have learned that the OES is rather laid back and although they like to play chilling out is also a preferred past time. Now we have a lovely and lively collie who would likes to play all day, he loves attention and when not getting enough lets you know he is dissatisfied.


Blaze as he is now called has the same traits as a typical herding dog and he is especially stubborn and exceptionally pig headed, when it suits him, at the same time he has a cute facial expression and can win over everyone with his charm. Below is a scree shot of his pedigree and his medical examination results.

Die Gesundheitsergebnisse von Blaze sind wie folgt:

Blaze's health results are as follows:

HD A2 A2
PRA free frei
CEA free frei
RD free frei
PHTVL/PHPV free frei
Cataract/Katarakt free frei
MDR1 +/+ +/+

   A DNA profile is in progress by Laboklin.




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