Kikki Malou Estaban von Rhodonit

After losing Capt'n to such a dreadful disease we started to look about for another Old English Sheepdog, as Dash was now 6 years old we preferred a quiet boy to join us in Kiel. With the help of Gwen Mogford and Lisa Thielfoldt Nielsen we were put in touch with Tove Andersen who bred OES under the affix 'Kikki Malou'. 


We arranged to drive up to her home and meet the pup 'Kikki Malou Estaban von Rhodonit' who at time was 5 - 6 weeks old, it was important that Dash met the pup and to see his reaction and if he accepted him, basically we had no fears as Dash was an easy going fellow and was not aggressive but you can never be 100% sure.


The meeting went well and Dash actually played with the pup, this made the decision easy and we arranged a date when we could pick him up and bring him home to Kiel. Hamish as he was now called, had found his new home and in Dash his mentor, as a young pup he didn't know when enough was enough and was told off occasionally by Dash getting to odd pierced ear. I must add it never done him any harm and he had a short memory.


We showed him as a pup and he was quite successful, he was hip scored at 15 months and after two OES with HD we were happy to have the first OES who was HD free. At this point I started to look about for a nice OES girl and with the help of Elke Stander who put us in touch with Conny Loest of the 'Elbe-Urstromtal' kennel we were fortunate to get our beloved 'Misty'.


Before Misty joined us we cared for a brother of Hamish, Kikki Malou Essay Vom Dioptas or 'Nikki' as he was called. Unfortunately ha had had a rough beginning but after some weeks with us and with a lot of TLC we were confident he was ready for a furever home. We found a nice couple from Erfurt who were looking for a rescue dog and Nikki passed exactly to what they were looking for, he was on his own and had all the attention he wanted.

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