Peekaboo Dash of class

Peekaboo Dash of Class 'Dash' kam Ende 1996 zu uns, wir wurden gebeten, uns ein paar Wochen um ihn zu kümmern und er bleib mit 10 Jahren bis zum Ende bei uns. Dash war mein Hund, folgte mir überall hin, er konnte manchmal tollpatschig sein, ein richtige Schlingel bei andere Gelegenheiten und immer voller Unfug. Nur ein liebenswerter Junge.

Peekaboo Dash of Class 'Dash' came to us at the end of 1996, we were asked to take care of him for a few weeks and he stayed with us until the end at 10 years of age. Dash was my dog, following me around everywhere I went, he could be clumsy at times a right scallywag on other occasions and fullof mischeif all the time. Just a lovable boy.


Dash könnte sich in einem sterilen Raum schmutzig machen und hatte den Charme dich über seine Possen lachen zu lassen. Er versuchte es mit der Hand oder besser gesagt mit der Pfote, oft als Hütehund, und ich nehme an, er hätte das Zeichen setzen können, wenn er für den job richtig ausgebildet gewesen wäre. Ich begann Dash in der Babyklasse zu zeigen und in diesem Alter zeigte er eine Abneigung gegen Shows, wie man auf dem Bild unten sehen kann.

Dash could get himself dirty in a sterile room and had the charm to make you laugh at his antics, he tried his hand or paw, many a time at being a herding dog and I suppose in a way he might have made the mark if he had been properly trained for the job. I started showing Dash in the baby class and at that age he showed a dislike for shows as you can see in the picture below.

Over the years we had many a laugh at his antics, jumping into a small lake and nearly drowning because it was deeper than he anticipated, he found liquid manure and had a roll in the stuff, tried his hand at herding cows which turned out tobe bulls and I could go on for ever, he was our lovable court jester. 

Dash was X-rayed at 18 months and we shattered to learn he was HD-D and could not be used for breeding. I'm convinced he would have inherited good characteristics to his puppies as he was a very laid back and loving boy, there was absolutly no trace of aggression in him and very obedient on top.

Although he'd been shown a number of times and had two cards for the youth champion we decided to stop as there was no point in carrying on.

After we lost Capt'n, we looked about for another OES as a companion for Dash, with help from Gwen Mpgford we were lucky to find a puppy in Denmark 'Kikki Malou Estaban Von Rhodonit' or Hamish as I called him.


The boys got on well together and became the best of friends